Choose the best belief

I would like to elaborate on the idea that beliefs have power.  Multiple beliefs about the same beliefs are always fighting.  Let me elaborate.

There are some people out there who believe that the universe is against them.  More people believe the universe just exists,  being indifferent to us.  And lastly, there are the people who believe that the universe is on their side.  They believe that the universe is benevolent and wants us to be a success.

Which one is true? all of them.  The people that believe their beliefs literally believe them from the bottom of their soul.  It is not something they just say.  The people who speak them also have plenty of examples as to why they have these particular beliefs.  

The best part of this is once you have this knowledge, you can choose which belief you want.  Why would you want to believe that the world is against you when you can believe it is for you.  

And once you realize you have the universe rooting for you, all your excuses fall to the wayside.  Sure, it was easy to make excuses when the world was against you. All the phrases following will sound familiar.  You are not as successful you wanted? it's because life is hard.  You didn't get that job, or the job you got isn't as good as you wanted? Its the universe against you.

You see what your attention is on.

Once you believe the universe is on your side you see the other side of things.  Success is finding you.  You are building a foundation so your next job is part of your mission.  Each job is a great learning experience.  The universe is guiding you to success.

It's your choice.