Power of Beliefs

Hey guys, I've been thinking about this lately, and I'm not the best about putting thoughts into words, but here we go.

I believe thoughts have power. 

Here, let me explain.

I've always talked differently than everyone else.  And my thoughts about myself and people's reactions have changed as I've aged and grown.

When I was young I was very self conscious about how I spoke and sounded like to others.  And people could pick up on that, so they thought I talked funny too.  And I did talk differently.  I had a low self talk about my head.  All three went hand in hand: my self-talk, peoples reactions, and reality.

In about high-school, I was becoming self aware of how I spoke.  I was going to speech classes and I was learning how to speak better and more clearly.  I did not have self confidence In how I spoke, but my self talk in other areas was better.  My belief in my conversation ability was better and it made my perspective changed.

Presently, I understand I talk with an interesting accent but don't see it as a disability anymore.  In fact, some people say its charming and makes me, me, and I believe them.  My old self would of never believed them.  How could what I see as a disability be what others enjoy.

Soon, I hope that I can see my way of communicating as a Pro and not a Con.  You are only limited by your beliefs.