Props to the Magic Makers working though Irma.

As most everyone knows, I use to work for Disney.  Its magical and tragical at the same time.  You work darn hard making that magic, but you also take that same magic for granted.  Your regular day, your work, is someone else's vacation.

There is a team of cast members working though the hurricane in order to have that magic up and coming as quick as possible.  And that is awesome for everyone.  Realistically, Disney is probably a safer spot than most of their house.  Also, they probably get double time too.  

So as they make magic, people remember that they are stressed as F.  So don't take your stress out on the cast members, that is less than ideal when people do that.  

But its crazy because people actually rate how bad the storm will be depending on if Disney closes or not.  "Oh, crap, Disney is closing for a Day? this is serious." LOL.

As serious as safety is, so is magic.  I am looking forward to this hurricane.