Thoughts on mastery

Hey guys, I am Shawn Obrien from Orlando, Fl. Presently, I am just beginning entrepreneurship and innovation.  I recently just resigned from my old job that I believe I had outgrown to start this program and a new exciting job.  I started my new job and this program within a week of each other.  I am going to use this course to further my career and open new opportunities.

The Grit Scale and Ambition Scale Self-Assessments made me realize something about myself.  I am ambitious and start a lot of projects.  I probably begin three times the amount of ideas that other people do.  The only bad thing is a lot of them get put to the side too early (Duckworth, 2007).  I will make it a goal to hold strong to projects and to see the end in things.  If I have the grit to continue, it is often enough to lead to success (Duckworth, 2013).  Grit is often a large ingredient of success.

In the Book Mastery, by Robert Greene, He brought up how the concept of mastery has been degraded to something uninspiring (Greene, 2012).  We believe talent is the say all, when grit and perseverance is more important.  It is a different culture we live in. 

Robert Greene uses Leonardo Da Vinci as an example of how you must almost have an obsession to become a master.  Leonardo didn't want to rely on others and wasn't worried about Favor.  Living with his life task was better than living commission to commission (Greene, 2012).  I believe that one needs that confidence, the grit, to believe in themselves.  He had ambition to start many projects and had the grit to finish them. 

The last major point that stood out to me was the fact that many of these great men were called or led by an inner voice (Greene, 2012).  I believe they were intrinsically motivated and internally validated.  They just wanted to make the world a better place and leave a legacy. 




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