What If education is the next step of evolution

What if we are the next step in evolution.  Let this be told, this will not be completely well written.


What if we and our level of education and technology is the next step in evolution.  We can get in front of anyone we want now almost instantly.  and I've always said, "You can only be as successful as your level of communication."  I actually do not know why said that, if anyone knows, give him credit in the comments.

There is no excuse to be uneducated nowadays.  

Educated people do better than uneducated people.  I do not think this is disputable.  And Evolution has never been easy on the losing people.  It is good that most people are better uneducated now and have better standards of living now.  Think about it, everyone 300 years ago smelt so bad because they could only shower once in a week in a stream.  Even poor people have hot water showers daily.

There i no reason to be uneducated any more.  Peasant farmers in undeveloped countries still have more access to the internet than Abe Lincoln did.

Beliefs are just two same/different thoughts battling it out.  Like imagine these two thoughts fighting in my mind.

    1. I talk funny, I cant do public speaking.

    2. My accent is interesting and it is one of the things that makes my speeches     interesting.

The most power one wins. And the other one was a stupid low level thought that was a bullshit rule that I live with for too long.

Guys we are the next step of evolution.  ohya the next generation is going to have 10X the amount of innovation we have so far.  Knowledge is exponential.